AQ 10® WG

Microbiological fungicide based on the antagonist fungus Ampelomyces quisqualis (strain AQ10)


Active substance

Ampelomyces quisqualis (strain AQ10) 58% w/w. Contains a minimum of 5,0 x 10^9 spores/g


water dispersible granule

AQ 10 WG is a microbiological fungicide based on the antagonist fungus Ampelomyces quisqualis, strain M10, which acts against Oidium. It is a commercial formulation in water dispersible granules (WG) in which the antagonist spores are contained. The particular modes of action of AQ 10 WG make it a unique and effective tool for containing powdery mildew, both in the vineyard and on vegetable crops, such as cucurbits and strawberries.

AQ10 WG, when applied close to harvest, will result in a reduced formation of chasmothecia, the overwintering structures of powdery mildew, which are usually formed during this period. In addition, AQ10 WG will also parasitize already formed chasmothecia. Numerous field trials and scientific researches are evidence of the fact that reducing the number of overwintering structures constitutes the first step for controlling powdery mildew epidemics the following spring. AQ10 WG does not interfere with winemaking processes and with microorganisms used in wine production, and is therefore a valuable tool to be included in powdery mildew control programs close to harvest.