Microbial insecticide/acaricide containing Beauveria bassiana (strain ATCC 74040)


Active substance

Beauveria bassiana strain ATCC 74040 0.0185 % w/w. Contains a minimum of 2.3 x 10^7 viable spores/mL


Oil based suspension concentrate

Naturalis is a microbial insecticide/acaricide based on the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana strain ATCC 74040, which affects a wide range of arthropod pests such as whiteflies, tetranychid mites, thrips and some tephritid fruit flies.
The active ingredient of Naturalis (i.e. conidiospores) is formulated as Oil based suspension concentrate (OD). This formulation has been especially developed to ensure prolonged storage stability and shelf-life of spores, and to guarantee optimal performance of the product in the field. Due to its unique mode of action, Naturalis is a valuable tool for the control of several insect and mite species causing damage in vegetable, fruit and ornamental crops in both organic and integrated farming systems. Naturalis does not have any MRL (maximum residue limit) and PHI (pre-harvest interval) requirements and fits therefore perfectly into sustainable pest management programs aiming at reducing the risks and impacts of pesticides on human health and the environment. Naturalis can also help to reduce the risk of occurrence of resistance to conventional pesticides in insect and mite populations. Finally, Naturalis is safe to beneficial insects, bumblebees and pollinators in general.