Rapax® AS

Innovative acqueous suspension concentrate of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki strain EG 2348 for the control of Lepidopteran larvae attacking fruit and vegetable crops


Active substance

B. thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki strain EG 2348 18,8 % w/w Potency: 24,000 IU T.ni/mg of formulated product


suspension concentrate (SC)

Rapax AS contains B. thuringiensis kurstaki strain EG 2348 as active substance.
This strain was obtained by using a natural process for strain improvement, called conjugation, which allows for the transfer of distinct beneficial features of different parental strains in a recipient strain.
Rapax AS is an acqueous suspension concentrate of Btk strain EG 2348, which has recently been placed on the market. Thanks to its innovative liquid formulation, Rapax AS meets the needs of operators for flexible and safe handling and easy dosing. Furthermore, the co-formulants of natural origin give the product the necessary features for an even and uniform distribution on treated plant parts, and for improved performance especially on plant parts covered with epicuticular wax layers, such as grape berries, tomato fruits, pine needles, and many more.