Granular nematocide (GR) for the soil based on garlic extract


Active substance

garlic extract 45% w/w (purity: ≥ 99.9%)


granule (GR)

NEMGUARD GRANULES must be applied before transplanting or at sowing by using transplanting / seeding machines equipped with microganulators.
On Solaneceous crops and cucurbits it is recommended to distribute the product coarsely into the transplanting hole at an application rate of at least 1 g/plant, because best performance of NEMGUARD GRANULES is achieved, if the product is applied close to the roots and in the rooting zone of the plant.
The polysulfides with nematicidal activity are released from the granule into the soil in presence of sufficient water (rain or irrigation), creating a zone of action against nematodes. NEMGUARD GRANULES can provide effective nematode control for a period of time of up to 20- 30 days.